domingo, 31 de mayo de 2009

nl2br in grails, english version

PHP has one function that converts String's breaklines "/n" into <br> html tags.

Grails doesn't have a similar function to format Strings this way, but we can make our own Grail's codec, in order to obtain the same result as in PHP:

1. Create your own codec
2. Call it directly from the GSP page

1. To create the new codec, you just need to create a Grail's class in the folder grails-app/utils/ , like this:

NL2BRCodec.groovy (The file has to be named with the 'Codec' sufix)

class NL2BRCodec{
static encode = { string ->

That's all, now, from the GSP page, you just have to call the codec like this:

<g:encodeAs codec="NL2BR">${object.stringValue}</g:encodeAs>



1 comentario:

  1. changed this to:

    string?.trim().replaceAll('\n','<br />')

    to make it fail-save and XML

    otherwise: thank you for sharing this